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India is a global power whose economy surpasses Japan's; yet it remains little understood. Now, AnythingResearch offers highly detailed industry reports that incorporate the advanced research techniques used successfully by multinational corporations, high-priced strategy consultants, and investors.

industry market size trends statistics

Market Size & Forecasts

Understand the total market value and growth rates from 2005-2015. How many firms and how large are they? Are they growing or shrinking? Fragmented or consolidated? These statistics are critical to informed business decisions.
industry financials income statement balance sheet


How are companies in the industry performing? With detailed breakdown of costs, gross and net profit, you can size up the competition and benchmark a company against industry averages.
industry employment statistics salaries and jobs

Competitor Dynamics

How are companies distributed geographically? Who are the major players? What kind of employees and skills are required? These statistics provide insight into the "human" side of the industry.

Research Reports on Industries in the Following Sectors:

Crop production

Post-Harvest Crop Activities

Food manufacturing

Meat Processing & Preserving
Fish, Crustacean & Mollusc Processing
Fruit & Vegetable Processing & Preserving
Vegetable & Animal Oils & Fats Mfg
Dairy Product Manufacturing
Grain Mill Product Manufacturing
Starch Manufacturing
Bakery Product Manufacturing
Sugar Manufacturing
Chocolate, Cocoa & Sugar Confectionery Mfg
Macaroni, Noodles & Couscous Mfg
Prepared Meal Manufacturing
Food Manufacturing
Prepared Animal Feed Mfg

Beverage manufacturing

Spirit Distilling & Ethyl Alcohol Production
Wine Manufacturing
Malt Liquor Manufacturing
Soft Drinks, Bottled & Mineral Water Mfg

Tobacco manufacturing

Tobacco Product Manufacturing

Textiles manufacturing

Textile Fibre Preparation & Spinning
Textile Weaving
Textile Finishing
Knitted & Crocheted Fabric Mfg
Made-Up Textile Manufacturing
Rug & Carpet Manufacturing
Rope, Twine, Net & Cord Mfg
Textile Manufacturing

Apparel manufacturing

Wearing Apparel Manufacturing
Fur Article Manufacturing
Knitted & Crocheted Apparel Mfg

Leather manufacturing

Leather Tanning & Fur Dyeing
Luggage, Handbag, Saddle & Harness Mfg
Footwear Manufacturing

Wood & cork manufacturing

Saw Milling & Wood Planing
Plywood, Board, Panel & Veneer Sheet Mfg
Builders' Carpentry & Joinery Mfg
Wooden Container Manufacturing
Wood, Cork, Straw & Plaiting Mfg

Paper manufacturing

Paper, Pulp & Paperboard Mfg
Corrugated Paper & Paperboard Container Mfg
Paper & Paperboard Manufacturing

Printing & recorded media reproduction

Printing Services
Recorded Media Reproduction

Coke and refined petroleum manufacturing

Coke Oven Product Manufacturing
Refined Petroleum Product Mfg

Chemicals manufacturing

Basic Chemicals Manufacturing
Fertilizer & Nitrogen Compound Mfg
Plastic & Synthetic Rubber Mfg
Pesticide & Agrochemical Mfg
Paint, Varnish, Coatings & Ink Mfg
Soap, Detergent, Perfume & Cleaning Mfg
Chemical Product Manufacturing
Man-Made Fibre Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Pharmaceutical, Medicinal & Botanical Mfg

Rubber & plastics manufacturing

Rubber Tyre & Tube Manufacturing
Rubber Product Manufacturing
Plastic Products Manufacturing

Non-metallic mineral manufacturing

Glass Products Manufacturing
Refractory Products Manufacturing
Clay Building Materials Manufacturing
Porcelain & Ceramic Manufacturing
Cement, Plaster & Lime Mfg
Concrete, Cement & Plaster Mfg
Stone Cutting, Shaping & Finishing
Non-Metallic Mineral Product Mfg

Basic metal manufacturing

Basic Iron & Steel Manufacturing
Basic Precious & Non-Ferrous Metal Mfg
Iron & Steel Casting
Non-Ferrous Metal Casting

Fabricated metal products manufacturing

Structural Metal Product Mfg
Tank, Reservoir & Metal Container Mfg
Steam Generator Manufacturing
Weapon & Ammunition Manufacturing
Forging, Pressing & Stamping Metal
Machining & Metal Treating & Coating
Cutlery, Hand Tool & Hardware Mfg
Fabricated Metal Product Mfg

Computer, electronics & optics manufacturing

Electronic Components Mfg
Computer Manufacturing
Communication Equipment Mfg
Consumer Electronics Mfg
Measuring, Testing, Navigating Equipment Mfg
Watch and Clock Manufacturing
Irradiation, Electromedical & Electrotherapeutic Equipment Mfg
Optical Instrument Mfg
Magnetic & Optical Media Mfg

Electrical equipment manufacturing

Electric Motor, Generator & Transformer Mfg
Battery & Accumulator Mfg
Fibre Optic Cable Manufacturing
Electric Wire & Cable Mfg
Wiring Device Manufacturing
Electric Lighting Equipment Mfg
Domestic Appliance Manufacturing
Electrical Equipment Manufacturing

Machinery manufacturing

Engine & Turbine Manufacturing
Fluid Power Equipment Mfg
Pump, Compressor, Tap & Valve Mfg
Bearings & Gear Manufacturing
Oven, Furnace & Burner Manufacturing
Lifting & Handling Equipment Mfg
Office Machinery & Equipment Mfg
Power-Driven Hand Tool Mfg
Machinery Manufacturing
Agricultural & Forestry Machinery Mfg
Metal-Forming Machinery & Tool Mfg
Metallurgy Machinery Manufacturing
Mining, Quarrying & Construction Machinery Mfg
Food, Drink & Tobacco Processing Machinery Mfg
Textile, Leather & Apparel Machinery Mfg
Special-Purpose Machinery Mfg

Motor vehicles, semi & trailer manufacturing

Car, Truck & Motor Vehicle Mfg
Motor Vehicle Body Mfg
Motor Vehicle & Auto Part Mfg

Transport manufacturing

Ship Building
Sporting Boat Building
Train & Locomotive Manufacturing
Airplane & Spacecraft Mfg
Military Tank & Armored Vehicle Mfg
Motorcyle Manufacturing
Bicycle Manufacturing
Transport Equipment Manufacturing

Furniture manufacturing

Furniture Manufacturing


Jewellery Manufacturing
Imitation Jewellery Manufacturing
Musical Instrument Manufacturing
Sports Goods Manufacturing
Game & Toy Manufacturing
Medical & Dental Instrument Mfg

Machinery & equipment repair & installation

Fabricated Metal Product Repair
Machinery Repair
Electronic & Optical Equipment Repair
Electrical Equipment Repair
Transport Equipment Repair
Equipment Repair
Industrial Machinery & Equipment Installation

Waste collection, treatment & disposal

Non-Hazardous Waste Collection
Hazardous Waste Collection
Non-Hazardous Waste Treatment & Disposal
Hazardous Waste Treatment & Disposal
Materials Recovery

Publishing activities

Book Publishing
Newspaper, Journal & Periodical Publishing
Publishing Activities

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